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    Protecting workers to have a good quality of life, stability and work safety. According to the role of the Ministry of Labor Need to take control and oversee the establishment to comply with the safety law. Strictly Along with promoting development to raise awareness and improve the quality of life of workers. Ensure that workers will work in a suitable working environment. Free from accidents and diseases from work.

     Institute for Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Promotion (Public Organization) is an agency under the supervision of the Minister of Labor. One of the duties of the Institute for Promotion of Safety is to develop and support standards for the promotion of safety, occupational health and working environment. Standards that have been established through the standardization process of the Institute for Promotion of Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment. (Public organization) drafting and screening by the Subcommittee Through brainstorming from stakeholders Approved by the board of directors of the Institute of Safety Promotion To encourage operators to work safely from accidents Illness and illness from work